Spill Response & Analysis


Let’s face it, accidents happen and they are costly.  In the event of a spill, information is critical.  Likewise, the promptness and validity of the data is equally significant.  PEC Environmental has the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to produce these crucial details.  Our clients rely on our swift response and thorough examination.  We can deliver on-the-spot analytical data and valid recommendations, which will mitigate the damaging effects of the spill and promote a successful remediation project.



Our years of service include numerous events that lend credibility to our management of a spill:

  • Salt water contamination
  • Pipeline rupture
  • Wellhead blowout
  • Pit wall/levee breach



PEC Environmental owns some of the premier instruments available for analyzing the typical parameters linked to spill-contaminated material:

  • Electromagnetic soil conductivity
  • Water conductivity
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chlorides
  • pH level
  • Multi-gas detection


We provide results while on the job site in order to aid in quick remediation decisions.  This in turn lends to a significant reduction in cleanup costs.