Pit Sampling & Analysis


PEC specializes in the sampling and analysis of oil and gas reserve pit contents in order to assist our clients with state regulations.

  • Pre-Closure:  We perform an initial sampling event, or Pre-Closure, of the open pit contents (liquids, solids and semi-solids) upon completion of drilling operations.
  • Pit Dewatering & Disposal:  We make solid recommendations for disposing of pit contents.
    • Subsurface Injection
    • Land Treatment (Land Farming)
    • Solidification
    • Onsite Land Development
    • Burial & Trenching
    • Recycling
    • Offsite Disposal
  • Post-Closure:  Upon pit burial, we will perform a confirmatory analysis of the pit fill mixture.  This is done to ensure state compliance has been achieved during the pit closure process.
  • In addition to reserve pits, we can also oversee the closure of any other pit types as well:  production pits, burn pits, washout pits, emergency pits, etc.

Our clients can be assured that PEC will direct them to a compliant pit status, regardless of the circumstances.




PEC can also manage the disposal of the pit contents as well as the subsequent pit burial.  As a liaison between vendors and state agencies, we can eliminate many of the “headaches” involved in this process.

  • Administer state notifications:
    • Permits
    • Daily Reports
    • Communication with state agency personnel
  • Coordinate vendors


    • Pit disposal/burial contractor
    • Trucking company
  • Site inspections to verify compliance and general neatness of work

Whatever the situation with your pit, you can bet PEC has managed it before and we will see that you get a satisfactory result.