About PEC Environmental


In 1992, Mr. Pat Eddings recognized the need for the company he founded:  Pat Eddings Consulting and Associates.  Created specifically at that time to assist local oil and gas operators in observing Louisiana Office of Conservation rules, PEC has adapted over the years to the volatility of the industry and evolved into the company that it is today.  Many of the invaluable contacts and clients that Mr. Eddings established in the early years are still near and dear to the heart of PEC.


Today, PEC is a compact firm with the capacity and competence of any large corporation.  We possess the necessary tools and proficiency to perform our job effectively and precisely to our client’s specifications.  This results in a satisfied customer, which along with a safe work environment is our top priority.


A steadfast work ethic with swift and courteous service has allowed us a desirable reputation within our industry.  Our client base can attest to PEC’s resolve to get the job done.


When all is said and done, we enjoy our work, and this attitude contributes to an accomplished organization that you can depend on.